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Wednesday, 12 April 2017

Strategies for writing an essay in the exam

How to write an essay effectively in an exam and score high?

Come exams, there must be preparation for writing it effectively. Now, there are study patterns, strategies to beat the exam and score high. But what are the specific tricks and ways to write an essay in an exam?

There might be some times where essay are written as assignments. But to write an essay in the exam, they must adhere to time constraints and other exam rules. How to overcome this? How to write an essay effectively in an exam? Read further to know more.

10 Best strategies to write an essay effortlessly in an exam

1.Understand the topic: To write an essay effectively, the given topic must be understood thoroughly. If the question is not clear, care must be taken to read it twice, thrice or until it is understood.
Most of the students, out of anxiety, tend to fast read the topic and write content of some other topic. This must be avoided to write an essay of best quality. 

2.Include strong keywords: The key for any quality essay is to include strong keywords. Strong keywords will the topic and its content. Thus understanding the topic and its subjugate content must be brought together flawlessly.

3.Structure the essay: Once the topic to be written is understood, it must be structured or broken down into different sections.
These sections will help in writing in a better manner. They can be structured as an introduction section, a body section, and a conclusion section. Each must comprise of paragraphs with informative content.

4.Invest time on each section: Adhering to the time limit, each section of an essay should be focused upon. As each section is very important, they must be given the same weightage.

5.Focus on elements of an essay: The important elements of an essay are arguments, thesis statement, paragraphs, transitional  sentences , hook statements. These must be included to bring out the best of an essay.

6.Be direct in answering: The question which is asked must be answered directly, without being biased to any point.
Deviating from the topic will only harm the quality of the content and unnecessarily increase the word count.

7.Answer based on the type of question:  Every has a style of writing and presenting it. For every essay type, there must be adaptable answer. For writing an informal essay, care must be taken to   include opinions, whereas formal essay must include facts and statistics to support the argument that is presented.  

8.Keep an eye on word count: An essential rule pertaining to an essay is its word limit. It is important to write within the word count mentioned. Word count is a way of checking the ability to express the apt content within a specified boundary.

9.Plan before you write: One of the important strategy that must be considered is to plan an essay before it is written. Without planning, an essay can lose its meaning without providing any quality content for the readers.

10.Revise the essay once written: The essay which once is completed must be revised( there must time allotted for revision too). Revision helps in adding more details which were missed out and omit the things which were added on earlier.

Some of the linking and transitional sentences that can be used while writing an essay are:

Here are some of the linking and transitional sentences which can be used while an essay is being written.
1.For this purpose
4.At the same time
6.In other words
7.To demonstrate
10.To begin with

To know how to use such words in an essay, follow this link

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