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Monday, 6 March 2017

How to develop a thesis statement

How to create a thesis statement that will make your essay stand out?

An essay is incomplete without a thesis statement. Like all other elements of an essay make it stand out, a thesis statement also plays an important role to make it a successful one.

What is a thesis statement?
Thesis statement(s) are a pivotal part of an essay which focuses on the idea that is let out through it. It entails the background of what a particular topic is about and its emphasis in a few sentences.
Thesis statements are the critical section that must be written to give clarity to the topic in a clever way. 

Why is thesis so important?

1.Creates readability: It induces interest towards the topic and gives an idea about what topic is being written thereby creating readability.

2.Connects each section: Every section in an essay will have a relationship built through a thesis statement leading to completing an essay in a better way.

3.Answer to a question: It answers the main question providing several arguments to prove it in the rest of the essay.

4.Structure of an essay: It provides a structure and a body to the essay which will break the essay into bits but will intelligently put it back together again.

5.Focus on a topic: A focus on the topic is created when a thesis statement is written. Creation of interest on a topic remains very important hence enclosing this will enhance the quality of an essay.

Things to note while developing a thesis statement

After knowing what a thesis statement is and its due importance, it becomes necessary to remember some of the key points to create an effective thesis statement.

1.The length of a thesis statement:  It is better to finish a thesis statement within 2-3 sentences primarily focusing on the idea of a topic. It takes clever words to write down an impressive thesis statement.

2.Clear and specific: Thesis statement must be specific and clear to direct and provoke thoughts on the reader’s mind to continue reading the rest of the essay.

3.Use of strong words: There must be utilization of strong words which supports the thesis thereby providing an essay its true meaning. Care is to be taken to know the fine line between not making it look too artificial with high-end words and plain words which will not gain readership.

4.Placing a thesis statement: An introductory part must have the thesis statement, it is a clever part to fit a thesis statement which will gather more readership.

There will always be the essence of a thesis statement in every section thus giving an essay its correct importance.

5.Positivity and confidence: A thesis must radiate positivity and confidence which will put an essay together though divided into sections namely, an introduction part, body section, and a conclusion. 

Step by step guide to write a thesis statement

1.Identify the topic to be written:
The first step in writing a thesis statement is to identify the topic being written. A general concept must be researched well before writing it down to bring out dimension to it. This allows in bringing a better perspective to an essay.  

2.Extract the main idea to focus on:
Once a topic is chosen for writing, the next crucial step is to extract the main idea of that topic. Every topic will have an essence in it which will have a primary idea on which there can be a larger focus.
While creating a thesis statement, the main idea of a topic chosen is used to make way for organizing an essay in a better manner.

3.Writing a thesis statement out of the idea derived:
A thesis statement can be written only when the main idea of a topic is derived out of it. You need to focus on the concept and write arguments for it.

This is a crucial part where the idea of the topic is to be focused upon and subordinating arguments being laid out substantially.

4.Break the main idea into parts and write a thesis out of it:
A thesis statement must be written in 2-3 sentences if required can be stretched till 5-6 sentences. The main idea is to break idea derived into little parts so that it becomes easy to write.

Each broken point must be then brought together into a single thesis part.

5.Revise and edit the thesis statement:
Once a thesis statement is written, it must be edited and revised multiple times to make sure that content which is written is delivering to the choice of an idea laid out.

6.Complete the thesis statement:
A thesis statement is always written in the introduction part but must be carried throughout the essay in a subtle and intelligent way. Each section must collaborate together with the thesis statement written. 

It is important to note that each element in an essay in itself brings out the best, thus thesis statement must also be developed in an outstanding manner keeping these above points in mind. 

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