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Tuesday, 28 March 2017

Effective guidelines for writing an essay

What are the effective ways of writing a perfect essay? 

Essays are the predominant part of schools, colleges and universities. They are one of the measurable factors which credits a student’s performance.

Essays are also used for competition purpose or just as a hobby. After speaking so much about an essay, the question that comes up is how to write it effectively? What are the ways through which an essay writing skills can be mastered? Here is an article dedicated to writing a perfect essay and the easiest strategies which can be used.  

Best tips to write the best essay

1.Choose a perfect topic: A good topic lead leads to a better essay. The stepping stone towards a successful essay is the foundation i.e. a topic. Such topic must be chosen on which an excellent essay can be written.
Topics can be of formal type, informal type based on the subject that is provided.

2.Research on the chosen topic:  After a topic is selected for writing, there must be research done on it. There are several reputable resources which can be utilized to write on a topic.
Only reputable resources must be chosen as they will have valid information provided. Educational websites and authoritative websites such .gov must be used. 

3.Write a hook statement to hook readers: The key point of writing an essay is to inform the readers. Readers read content which is interesting and informative at the same time.
To make an essay interesting, hook statements must be added in the initial part. A statement or two of hook statement will make it more informative and will give chance to increase the readership.

4.Include Thesis statement: Like a ship has an anchor, an essay must have a thesis statement.

Thesis statements are included to link an essay together. Transitional sentences in it are nothing but this thesis statement which connects them.
Here is a link on how to develop a thesis statement.

5.Include references and citations: Formal essays such as argumentative essays, expository essays need references and citations as they use resources from reputable sources.
Hence such essays must include bibliography and proper references as to get the facts right. This also allows readers to check the original resource. 

6.Adopting to the required language:  There are two broad categories to an essay; formal essay and informal essay. Each type of essay must adhere to the specific requirement.
Informal essays require the use of conversational tone and flowery words if required. Examples of such essays are descriptive essay, narrative essay.
Formal essays such as  science essays require the use of formal language and scientific terms in order to maintain the standard of the essay.

7.Follow the prescribed formatting style: There are standard formatting style that are adopted across universities. These formatting styles will help in bringing approachable look to the essay.

8.Focus on the grammar and punctuation style: The important aspect of an essay is the way it is presented. Though the facts, content collected might be appropriate but if they fail to address properly due to lack of grammar and punctuation, then it will a huge disadvantage.
Hence care must be taken to improve on the grammar and punctuation style while writing an essay.

9.Organize the content into a structure: An essay must be organised into structure. Structure must contain of an introduction section, a body section and a conclusion section.

10.Edit and proofread the essay: Once an essay is completed, it must be edited and proofread. This is an important stage while an essay is being written.
While an essay is drafted, there might be some things which were missed out and some which were added unnecessarily. Such mistakes are corrected during this phase.

These are the tips that must be followed while writing an essay

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