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Monday, 1 May 2017

How to write an informative essay

What are the steps to write an informative essay?

Essays are written for various purposes. For its varied purpose of writing, they are categorized under categories called informal essay and formal essay.
The primary purpose of writing an essay is to inform the readers with some information. To suffice to such requirement, there is a type of essay called informative essay.

What is an informative essay?
Informative essay is a type of essay where the audience are informed about something in detail.These kinds of essays are written by carefully researching for the topic. Presenting facts and information in a proper manner is very important. Here is an article which will help in writing an informative essay in simple steps.

Characteristics of an informative essay
1.An informative essay contains information that readers do not know

2.It analyses a cause and effect relationship

3.It contains logical evidences and relevant facts which help in informing the readers

How to write an informative essay step by step guide

Step1:Understand the topic: To write an informative essay, the topic must be chosen properly. The topic which is chosen must be understood correctly, this is the basic step that must be followed while writing an essay.

Step2:Know the audience: Informative essay is such an essay which is to be written to inform the audience about any general topic or a researched topic.
Catering to the audience’s needs is of primary need whenever an informative essay is to be written. For example, an informative essay about science and technology must be written keeping in mind the readers of such genre. Similarly an informative essay about ecology must be written in accordance to such readers.

Step3:Conduct research on the topic: Once the topic is chosen, the next step is to research for the information related to the topic selected. There are various resources which can be referred while researching for the topic.
A topic must be researched by assessing them through journalistic questions such as when, why, how, where, what. It makes it easy to answer them and find content for an essay.

Step4:Refer to reputed sources: To get an access to the resources for the topic, they must be referred from reputed sources. Reputed sources such as journal, textbooks, cited articles, online content, books.

While drafting an essay, care must be taken to refer to the sources which were used to source the information. 

Step5:Write the thesis statement:  A successful essay is the one which includes statements which contains sentences which focuses on the idea as a whole.
These sentences are called as thesis statement. Including them in your essay will make it more readable and informative. Thesis statement must be added in the introductory paragraph which will further help in building link to other section of an essay.

Step6:Write the introductory paragraph: An essay contains three sections to it; the first section is an introduction section. Introductory paragraphs must be written to introduce an essay, have subtle information about the topic.
There are two elements that must be added while writing an introductory paragraph; they are hook statement and thesis statement. Hook statements are the statements which grabs reader’s attention. These must be included and written very cleverly so that it increases an essay’s readability.

Step7:Write the body section:  The next section of an essay is the body section. This section is considered to be the heart of an essay. This section contains all the necessary information that needs to be presented.
Having said this, as it is an informative essay; it is significant to have information backed with arguments. Arguments are the sentences which provide proof or claims for the information presented. They should be added along with the transitional sentences which indicate that the body section is linked to the introductory paragraph.
A body section can have two or more paragraph with each paragraph having subordinate points.

Step8:Write the conclusion section: The last section of an essay is the conclusion section. This section must be written in order to conclude an essay. One of the salient features of an essay is having a proper conclusion which will sum up the message of the whole essay.

Step9:Edit your essay: After completing step 8, the writing stage of an essay gets completed. The next stage is the post writing stage which includes editing and proofreading.
Editing is a stage where the write-up gets modified. There may be some information which was missed while drafting or some content which seems unnecessary. These can be added or discarded respectively. 

Step10:Proofread your essay: The last stage of writing stage is the proofreading stage. Proofreading is a stage where the whole essay written is verified word by word just to make sure that there are no errors or mistakes which can decrease its readability.

Tips to consider while writing an informative essay

1.Write in active voice

2.Give a detailed and lucid description

3.Write hook statements in the introduction section to attract readers

4.Have strong arguments in your essay so that it supports the topic that is being written

5.Write in the formal language so that the readers are rightly informed about the topic

Example topics for writing an informative essay

1.Global warming


3.Teenage alcoholism


5.Healthy habits 

Monday, 24 April 2017

How to write a cover letter

How to write a cover letter that can give you a job?

It is very common scenario to write a resume for applying for a job. But along with this, it is also important to include a cover letter. What is a cover letter? How to write it? How is it different from a resume? Follow this article to know more about it. 

What is a cover letter?
It becomes necessary to have a document which represents your personality in two or three pages. Cover letter is such a document which helps employers in hiring suitable employees for their companies.

A cover letter is written in order to:

1.Apply for a job

2.Contact the potential employers

3.Give personal introduction

Different types of cover letter

The different types of cover letter are:

1.Application letter: This type of cover letter is written in order to apply for a job.

2.Referral  letter: A type of cover letter which has the name of a person to whom you have referred to.

3.Letter of interest:  It is a type of letter which inquires about fresh job vacancies.

4.Networking letter: This kind of cover letter requests for job search.

5.Value proposition letter:  It is a cover letter which explains briefly about the individual’s value.

What are the elements of a cover letter?

1.Opening:  One of the required element for a cover letter is its stellar opening lines. Every cover letter that opens with impressive lines have often helped in catching the employer’s attention.

2.The body of the cover letter: The body of the cover letter is the most important part as it discusses the skills and the value of an individual through achievements and qualifications.

3.Strengths:  Assessing one’s own strength is the biggest strength. The strengths that you have in your personality must be rightly explained. Care must be taken to know the fine line between bragging and telling about the achievements. 

4.Show don’t tell:  This theory works out well for this scenario. Employers must be shown the value. This cannot happen by mere telling the achievements , they must be shown.

Tips to write the best cover letter

1.Write in a professional language: Professional world or corporate world communicates in a professional way. It is very appropriate to use the business or professional language. Here professional language means to avoid the use of informal language such as colloquial words and jargons.

2.Write unique content: As a cover letter showcases your talent, it is mandatory to add few of the unique points about yourself. It is the unique content that grab’s an employer’s attention.
There are unique qualities in everybody which must be mined in order to know about yourself and represent the same.

3.Be honest: It is to be noted that an employer and an employee’s relation is built upon trust. Hence honesty must reflect in your cover letter. Being frank always helps solve a problem.

4.Have short paragraphs: Cover letter indicates a document having description in paragraphs. These paragraphs must be written in short. Employer’s glance through the cover letter hence writing it in long length will decrease its readability.

5.Include hooks:  Hooking an employer with your skills is indeed a skill. To catch reader’s attention, it is important to include hook statements.

6.Be confident about your skills: Words always show a person’s individuality. To get a job, your skills must be put onto test. Hence you must be confident to show your skills on a paper.

7.Organize your skills: Every write-up will have a format in which it must be written. While writing a cover letter too, your skills must be organized in a proper format. Have the best opening lines, two or three paragraphs which showcase your talent and lastly a conclusion.

8.Be sure to add the updated details: It is important to keep the personal details updated. Personal details such as contact number, email address must be up to date as it will help the recruiters to contact easily.  

9.Show your determination: The passion for working and determination must be shown through the cover letter.

10.Know about the company: Before writing a cover letter, the company to which you are applying must be known in advance which helps in getting a job.

These are few of the tips presented here which will be helpful in creating a cover letter.

Wednesday, 19 April 2017

How to avoid plagiarism in an essay

What are the ways to avoid plagiarism in an essay?

With the advancement of internet, it has become easier for the students to gain knowledge through their fingertips. Internet is a powerful resource which will help a student in all aspects.
With these advantages, there are also few of the disadvantages that come with it. It is now become common when a student finds answers for the doubts or questions online. This not only decreases their hard work but also leads to the acts of cheating. This act is known as plagiarism.

What is plagiarism?
Plagiarism is an act of copying someone else’s work and passing it off as your own. It often misleads the students to take a shortcut to gain marks or success. It is a serious offence which can have haphazard effect on the assignments.

Types of plagiarism

1.Direct plagiarism: This type of plagiarism involves copying or stealing someone else’s work and using it as their own. It is often used by students to submit their assignments.

2.Self plagiarism: This act is witnessed when the previous work done by the same student is used for the next work to be submitted.

3.Mosaic plagiarism: This kind of plagiarism is when few of the instances of your work are copied from the original source without paraphrasing it or adding a quote.

4.Accidental plagiarism: Here when any quote or source are missed by accident or the student forgets to cite the original source is termed as accidental plagiarism.

6 effective tips to avoid plagiarism in an essay

1.Paraphrase your essay: The first technique to avoid plagiarism is to use paraphrasing. Paraphrase is nothing but replacing the original work’s words with your own. It is a duly a legit method to have the original work in your essay without harming the law of authenticity.
It is strictly required to know the content properly before summarizing it or writing in your own words. The content of the work should be intact else it becomes meaningless if the content deviates from the topic.

2.Cite the original sources: Another effective way of avoiding plagiarism is to cite your work.  Popular citation format such as APA, Harvard, and MLA must be followed. The guidelines for proper formatting can be found here.
The advantage of following the proper format is that it organizes the essay into a proper structure. It allows citing the sources which were used while researching for the topic.

3.Quoting: There might be chances for the essay to become debatable if the words are taken from other’s work. To avoid such circumstances, it is advised to use quoting.
This technique involves quoting particular sentences in an essay which is not yours. These words should be added in between the quotation marks “ “. This indicates that you have used some of the important sentences from the research that cannot be changed.
This will help in avoiding plagiarism as well as keeping the meaning of the context intact.  

4.Research for the topic: It becomes plagiarism if the work already published is used as it is. To get better off it, it is advisable to research for the topic on the internet, books, journals, or textbooks.
These researched points or content can be later used for writing an essay in your own words.

5.Include in-text citations: In-textcitation is a citation which should be included in your own write-up. There are different ways through which an in text citation can be cited such as in APA, MLA, and Harvard. 

6.Organizing the work: Every writer has their own writing style. To avoid plagiarism, it is always suggested to write in your writing style. This leads to obtaining uniqueness in the write-up. 

These are few of the ways through which plagiarism can be avoided in an essay.

Wednesday, 12 April 2017

Strategies for writing an essay in the exam

How to write an essay effectively in an exam and score high?

Come exams, there must be preparation for writing it effectively. Now, there are study patterns, strategies to beat the exam and score high. But what are the specific tricks and ways to write an essay in an exam?

There might be some times where essay are written as assignments. But to write an essay in the exam, they must adhere to time constraints and other exam rules. How to overcome this? How to write an essay effectively in an exam? Read further to know more.

10 Best strategies to write an essay effortlessly in an exam

1.Understand the topic: To write an essay effectively, the given topic must be understood thoroughly. If the question is not clear, care must be taken to read it twice, thrice or until it is understood.
Most of the students, out of anxiety, tend to fast read the topic and write content of some other topic. This must be avoided to write an essay of best quality. 

2.Include strong keywords: The key for any quality essay is to include strong keywords. Strong keywords will the topic and its content. Thus understanding the topic and its subjugate content must be brought together flawlessly.

3.Structure the essay: Once the topic to be written is understood, it must be structured or broken down into different sections.
These sections will help in writing in a better manner. They can be structured as an introduction section, a body section, and a conclusion section. Each must comprise of paragraphs with informative content.

4.Invest time on each section: Adhering to the time limit, each section of an essay should be focused upon. As each section is very important, they must be given the same weightage.

5.Focus on elements of an essay: The important elements of an essay are arguments, thesis statement, paragraphs, transitional  sentences , hook statements. These must be included to bring out the best of an essay.

6.Be direct in answering: The question which is asked must be answered directly, without being biased to any point.
Deviating from the topic will only harm the quality of the content and unnecessarily increase the word count.

7.Answer based on the type of question:  Every has a style of writing and presenting it. For every essay type, there must be adaptable answer. For writing an informal essay, care must be taken to   include opinions, whereas formal essay must include facts and statistics to support the argument that is presented.  

8.Keep an eye on word count: An essential rule pertaining to an essay is its word limit. It is important to write within the word count mentioned. Word count is a way of checking the ability to express the apt content within a specified boundary.

9.Plan before you write: One of the important strategy that must be considered is to plan an essay before it is written. Without planning, an essay can lose its meaning without providing any quality content for the readers.

10.Revise the essay once written: The essay which once is completed must be revised( there must time allotted for revision too). Revision helps in adding more details which were missed out and omit the things which were added on earlier.

Some of the linking and transitional sentences that can be used while writing an essay are:

Here are some of the linking and transitional sentences which can be used while an essay is being written.
1.For this purpose
4.At the same time
6.In other words
7.To demonstrate
10.To begin with

To know how to use such words in an essay, follow this link

Sunday, 9 April 2017

What are the ways to find best essay writing service?

What are the ways to find best essay writing service?

In the turmoil of completing the given assignment, many students either complete sub standard essays and submit them to universities or report their work after the deadline affecting their marks for the term end.
To end such problems, there are always solutions available. One such solution is to hire best writers to complete the assignment. There are many reasons as to why an assignment cannot be completed on time; because of less knowledge on the subject, lack of good writing skills or less time to complete them.
Good writers can be hired through essay writing services. What are essay writing services? How are they helpful? Is it easy to find genuine websites? Find out the answers to these questions below.

What are essay writing services?

Essay writing services are the services provided via websites. They provide best essays to students to help them in completing their assignments. They assign best writers to complete the task.

How are they helpful?

1.While most people call it cheating to buy essays online, it is a fair thing to do as long as their work is used as reference to complete the assignment and not submitting them as their own work.

2.They are helpful for non-native students who have difficulty in using English language in completing the assignment. The assignment bought online will guide them in writing better.

3.When excellent writers write the essay, the paper has more of researched points added along which only increases the quality of the essay.  

 Is it easy to find genuine websites?
There are hundreds of websites which offer to provide best essay writing service. Only few of them manage to deliver the best content. To get the best out of an essay writing services, below are given few guidelines on finding the best essay writing service. 

Top 10 ways to find out the best essay writing service

1.Best quality writers:
To find best essay writing service, one of the main factors to be considered is the quality writers. The writers they hire must have the talent to write best essay for students. The writers with masters’ degree, PhD’s are hired. This will lead to a better quality essay.

2.On time submission:
Time matters the most in this world. Essay writing companies with best service always deliver the assignments on time. This is a crucial factor to be considered as students have to submit them on time to universities and colleges.

3.Adhering to standard reference style: 
Universities and colleges expect their students to write assignments in a specific reference style. Each university has their own reference style.  
Only good essay writing service follow the reference style and write them accordingly. Good writers follow standard styles such as Harvard, MLA, APA etc.

4.Direct communication with writers:
To keep track of the progress of the assignment ordered, students must be put to direct contact with the writers. This way, it discourages miscommunication leading to a better quality essay. Such essay writing services must be chosen. 

5.Content written from scratch:
Universities get offended if they find that the assignment submitted has been copied from somewhere or stolen from somebody. Best essay writing services hire writers who write the content from scratch. This is the main reason why essay writing services are chosen who are against the act of plagiarism.

6.Citations and bibliography:
Citing references from reputable sources is the key point for a successful essay. References are important to inform that the essay is original and has been well researched to write the essay. It must also contain bibliography list to contain well read information.

7.Sample writings:
To showcase their best service, trusted essay writing service includes sample writings of best writers on their website. This will let student decide the service based on the quality of writing and the writer. Such essay writing service should be trusted.

8.Wide range of service:
Essay writing services which concentrate on wide range of service such as writing essays, research proposal, dissertation, journal, and lab report among others must be chosen. Because of their diversity in providing service, they can be trusted.

9.Subject experts:
Writers with best writing skills are hired by essay writing service. Their expertise in a specific subject area can have more impact on the essay being written. Subject area like law, medicine, science needs more research to be done. Hence only reliable writing service which has subject experts must be chosen.

10.Confidentiality policy:
Students take a step back to order an essay from essay writing service because they fear that the confidential information might be revealed. Such essay writing services must be chosen which does not reveal its clients’ information to third party.

These are few of the factors that need to be considered while finding the best essay writing service.   

Sunday, 2 April 2017

How to write a definition essay

What is definition essay?

Essays are of different kinds; formal, informal, personal, persuasive, narrative, expository essay.
Expository essays are the essays which inform the audience about information. There are 6 types of expository essays; definition essay is one of them.
What is a definition?
A definition is nothing but a statement that states the exact meaning of a term or a word. 

What is a definition essay?
A definition essay is an essay which defines a term in a lengthy manner. To interpret the meaning of a word and explaining it in a broader sense is the thing about writing definition essay.

The subject can be from general to complex topics. For writing a definition essay, the definition must be thoroughly understood and well-researched to write about it.
Definition essay must be able to explain a concept that can make a reader understand. 

Resources for finding a definition:

Effective ways to write a definition essay

Here are few of the steps given to write a definition essay. These steps will be helpful in writing the best essay.

1.Take up a difficult word: To start off writing a definition essay, a difficult term must be chosen to write on it. These difficult terms might have one or more meaning. Such words should be chosen which should not bring ambiguity to the content.

2.Analyze the word using different sources- To start writing a descriptive essay, the word which is chosen must be analysed properly. There are various resources which are available to research on the word such as some of them mentioned above. The etymology of the word, its meaning, its interpretation in different context; everything must be taken into consideration.  

3.Outline the essay so that it can be written: Outline of an essay is required as it gives a shape to the essay. It clearly brings out effective understanding through the topic which is being written. Click here to know more on how to create an outline for an essay.

4.Write an introduction:  Introductory part of an essay consists of an introduction to the topic, necessary hook statements, and thesis statements. All these are included in order to make an essay more engaging and interesting to read.
Information must be presented in a subtle manner enough to induce interest in the reader’s mind.

5.Write the body of the essay: Each definition will have its own components and layers to it. Each layer must be presented effectively. The body section must consist of the explanation of the definition and its analysis associated.
The body section must essentially have 3 paragraphs which will have its own arguments and subordinating points. These are necessary in order to provide validity and proof for the term that is to be explained.

6.Edit the essay: Editing is an important stage while an essay is being written. It must be edited so that there is no misconception about information being present.

7.Proofread the essay:  The last stage of writing a definition essay is to proofread. Proofreading is important as there might be grammatical mistakes, misspelled words which must be corrected before it is submitted for publishing.

Important points to remember while writing a definition essay:

These are the important points that must be considered while writing a definition essay:
1.Analysis of the definition
2.Origin and causes of the definition
3.Strong transitions between each section
4.Use of facts, examples to make it a better quality essay
5.A definition should not be narrowed down with the meaning

Examples topics of definition essay

1.Define beauty
2.Define voltage
3.Define Temperature
4.Define honesty
5.Define emotion

Tuesday, 28 March 2017

Effective guidelines for writing an essay

What are the effective ways of writing a perfect essay? 

Essays are the predominant part of schools, colleges and universities. They are one of the measurable factors which credits a student’s performance.

Essays are also used for competition purpose or just as a hobby. After speaking so much about an essay, the question that comes up is how to write it effectively? What are the ways through which an essay writing skills can be mastered? Here is an article dedicated to writing a perfect essay and the easiest strategies which can be used.  

Best tips to write the best essay

1.Choose a perfect topic: A good topic lead leads to a better essay. The stepping stone towards a successful essay is the foundation i.e. a topic. Such topic must be chosen on which an excellent essay can be written.
Topics can be of formal type, informal type based on the subject that is provided.

2.Research on the chosen topic:  After a topic is selected for writing, there must be research done on it. There are several reputable resources which can be utilized to write on a topic.
Only reputable resources must be chosen as they will have valid information provided. Educational websites and authoritative websites such .gov must be used. 

3.Write a hook statement to hook readers: The key point of writing an essay is to inform the readers. Readers read content which is interesting and informative at the same time.
To make an essay interesting, hook statements must be added in the initial part. A statement or two of hook statement will make it more informative and will give chance to increase the readership.

4.Include Thesis statement: Like a ship has an anchor, an essay must have a thesis statement.

Thesis statements are included to link an essay together. Transitional sentences in it are nothing but this thesis statement which connects them.
Here is a link on how to develop a thesis statement.

5.Include references and citations: Formal essays such as argumentative essays, expository essays need references and citations as they use resources from reputable sources.
Hence such essays must include bibliography and proper references as to get the facts right. This also allows readers to check the original resource. 

6.Adopting to the required language:  There are two broad categories to an essay; formal essay and informal essay. Each type of essay must adhere to the specific requirement.
Informal essays require the use of conversational tone and flowery words if required. Examples of such essays are descriptive essay, narrative essay.
Formal essays such as  science essays require the use of formal language and scientific terms in order to maintain the standard of the essay.

7.Follow the prescribed formatting style: There are standard formatting style that are adopted across universities. These formatting styles will help in bringing approachable look to the essay.

8.Focus on the grammar and punctuation style: The important aspect of an essay is the way it is presented. Though the facts, content collected might be appropriate but if they fail to address properly due to lack of grammar and punctuation, then it will a huge disadvantage.
Hence care must be taken to improve on the grammar and punctuation style while writing an essay.

9.Organize the content into a structure: An essay must be organised into structure. Structure must contain of an introduction section, a body section and a conclusion section.

10.Edit and proofread the essay: Once an essay is completed, it must be edited and proofread. This is an important stage while an essay is being written.
While an essay is drafted, there might be some things which were missed out and some which were added unnecessarily. Such mistakes are corrected during this phase.

These are the tips that must be followed while writing an essay