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Monday, 20 February 2017

How can buying essays from writing services benefit the students?

Writing assignments sometimes can be easy if everything goes well. But there are a few bad times as well which might just not cooperate. It will hectic when assignments are not completed on the time; with several reasons being added, like less knowledge on the topic, less time for researching on the topic and insufficient resources for writing a proper essay.

In such helpless situations, essay writing services become the best helpers for students who find it problematic to finish assignments.

Here we will list what are the benefits of buying essays from essay writing services and how it adds more impact in the final result.

1.Original content:
They provide unique and originally written content to students. This will benefit the students with a high-quality essay to submit them as an assignment. The best thing which is to be considered is that they write the essay from the scratch.

2.Well researched before written:
To discourage plagiarism, the content is first finalized, well researched and only then written. This leads to creating well-informed essay which will increase its readability.

3.Useful sources mentioned:
While writing for the topic, good writers research for the content from a useful set of sources; which is why the quality of the essay increased. They also mention which the reputable sources which were used while writing.

4.They provide a number of services:
Best essay writing services provide a wide range of services which includes essays, assignments, lab report, dissertation, journal reflection, thesis, research proposal to name a few.

5.Affordable prices to pay:
 The benefit of buying an essay from reliable essay writing service is that they offer the best service at an affordable price. This gives the student an option to buy them without paying a hefty amount.

6.They provide discounts too:
Along with providing services at affordable prices, they offer good discounts on the orders. This will help students to buy them to get quality essays. 

7.They write non-plagiarized content:
Universities get offended if they find the content is plagiarized or contain paraphrased sentences. Best essay writing services write non-plagiarized and unique content hence there should not be any apprehensions of getting caught.

8.Required reference style:
They adapt to required reference style which universities expect from students. Standard reference styles such as MLA, APA, and Harvard etc are the ones which are followed while writing an essay.

9.They are provided on time:
Essay writing service provides exemplary content within the stipulated time. Because of this feature, most students rely on these websites.

10.Adhering to confidentiality policy:
Confidential matters such as the name of students, their personal details and private information like debit card and credit card numbers are guarded secretly. This will allow the students to trust them.

11.The essays score well because of the best quality:
The assignments which are submitted with the help of essay writing service score well in comparison to ones which are not. This increases the credibility of student’s performance resulting in better results.

12.Revision of the work:
The work which is finished is edited and revised according to student’s requirements. This does not require the student to pay any extra fee.

13.Direct contact with the writers:
Essay writing service which allows direct contact between the writers and clients helps in increasing the quality of an essay. Any modifications to be made or certain exclusion of information in the content, it can be done real time.

14.Can be used as a guide to work further:
It is considered cheating if the work ordered from online essays is submitted as it is. It should be used as a guide to writing own work further. 

15.No compromise on quality:
Writers from renowned US and UK universities are hired by the essay writing services. Hence there is no compromise on the quality of the essay being written.

Sunday, 12 February 2017

A review on best essay writing service; Helpwritinganessay

It is common to find difficulty in writing an assignment because of several reasons. Be it insufficient time to complete an assignment, lack of good writing skills or less knowledge on the subject.

When students find difficulty in writing them, they find help from a professional writer. Essay writing services have now become a resource for students to find solutions for their problems. is one such website which is known for its outstanding service to its clients

Students have recommended their service to many people which prove their credibility. Here is why we also feel that their service is worth a try.

Services of the website:
They have diverse services to provide to students. It ranges from dissertation writing, research proposal, thesis writing to journal reflection, assignment writing. They hold mastery in various subject areas including science, law, and medicine.

Features of Helpwritinganessay website:
1.Proficient writers:
With a team of proficient writers, Helpwritinganessay always delivers quality output to students. They hold degrees from US and UK universities having excellent writing skills.

2.Original content:
Having strict hatred against plagiarism they always produce original and unique content. Thus this proves that they write content from scratch which is helpful while submitting assignments to universities.

3.Affordable prices:
For the service that they provide, they charge a nominal fee which is why they are the trusted website.

4.Includes references and bibliography:
Best write-ups include references to sources and contains bibliography at the end. This improves the quality of an essay. Helpwritinganessay includes these to make sure the content is given justification.

5.Proofread content:
Along with efficient writers, their team includes quality proofreaders who proofread the content to discard any errors that are found.

6.Guarantee on money back:
If they fail to deliver the expected result, there have money back option. This is one of the good features which lets the student try their service.

7.Reliable customer service:
To bring transparency in the service, they have a reliable chat support system and live phone service which keeps the student and writers in constant touch. The service is available 24/7 which means there is real time response to the query that their clients will have.

8.On time submission:
Prompt delivery is one of the main advantages of buying essays from Helpwritinganessay. Because deadlines are not missed, there is time left for revision of the content written.

The price for their service is decided based on various factors; number of pages to be written, the deadline, topic of the assignment and reference style to be used. Check the screenshot below to know the price. The price ranges between 20$ and 300%.

Payment mode:
They accept payments done through PayPal, debit cards, and credit cards. They also accept money via wire transfers.

To benefit the students along with their service, they offer 20% discount on the first order that is ordered. More benefits come up for existing customers.

With so many advantages that Helpwritinganessay has to offer, this is one of the trusted websites to order an assignment. Without much hesitation, an essay can be bought because of their confidentiality policy.

Testimonials and ratings:
Sarah from London said, “I trust Helpwritinganessay for the assignment that they gave me. I submitted it to my university. It turned out to be the best assignment! Thanks for the help. Will definitely try their service for my term paper and recommend it to my friends as well!”
John rated it 4.5 out of 5 and recommended it to his friends. 

Wednesday, 8 February 2017

Is it plagiarism if you buy a paper online?


Getting the perfect grades and graduating from the college is a dream for every student. What one must not miss is to follow up the rules to ace the assignments that are assigned. When some of the subjects are difficult to handle or a topic is too complex to understand, students tend to seek professional help. Essay writing services are the first choice that a student chooses.

Getting help from an online resource is the debate. Does it encourage plagiarism if an essay is bought from an essay writing service? Am I cheating my college by buying the assignments online? These sorts of questions arise in every student’s mind.

Here we have mentioned few of the valid points which resolute that buying essays online are not harmful.

1.Original write-up:
It becomes plagiarism if the content is copied from the internet or it is paraphrased. The essay writing services provide quality content from the best writers. The writers make sure that the content is written from the scratch.

2.Top quality writers:
Substandard essays are subject to plagiarism, because of poor writing skills and lack of skilled writers.Best essay writing services choose only efficient writers, hence plagiarism is strictly discouraged.

3.Using write-ups only as references:
Students often submit the work that they bought from the online essay writing service leading to plagiarism.They fail to understand that the write-up which is bought should be used for reference purpose instead of passing them off as their own work.

4.Improper citation and reference:
It is a sign of plagiarism if there are bad references put in the essays. Assignments which doesn’t  give in credits or has improper citations bring down the quality of the essay. If an online service is used, they must be chosen based on the authenticity for the citations that are used.

5.Quality proofreading:
A team of quality analysts in the essay writing services check for foolproof and edit the write-up as and when required. Thus plagiarism is discarded by providing best edited essays to the students.

6.Guidance from professionals:
Terming it as seeking help from the professional, the write-ups become better with the proper guidelines from them. This cannot be treated as plagiarism because it is a guidance taken from the subject expert to complete the assignment. Students must use the write-up only for reference.

7.Reselling policy:
It becomes plagiarism if the work is resold to other clients. Only best essay writing services must be trusted as they follow the rules of not reselling the same.

8.Copyright policy:
The write-ups which are sold to the students are given the copyright. Students have the right over the work bought by them. Hence there is no plagiarism being followed.

Plagiarism is a serious offense which is punishable. But these eight points are a proof that essay writing services are present for decreasing the burden of the students.Nevertheless,it completely depends on the students how they use the service.

Tuesday, 31 January 2017

Top 7 colleges for writers in the US


Majoring in English is one of a kind. Perhaps there are a handful of colleges that has a degree in creative writing. As creative writing is more of creativity and expression of art through writing, it needs lots of talent and passion towards art.

Choosing a college (be it in any field) require not being hasty and wisely choosing the university to spend rest of 3 or 4 years to shape up the career. Below are the top 10 colleges for writers in the USA. These universities will definitely give a boost to the aspiring writers to form their career in writing.

1.Emory University:
Situated in Atlanta, Emory University is the top-rated university for the best writers that they produce. They have the major in creative writing/English. They also allow students to major in playwriting, poetry, creative nonfiction, and screenwriting. The ratio of a student and a teacher is at 1:15 maximum up to 1:25. 

For producing world renowned writers, it is considered the “top 5 best American colleges for writers”. The good thing about the university is that it allows the students to choose their own subjects and but with a mandatory subject of poetry. Their acceptance rate being 26.8%, it is on the harder side to get the application getting selected, but students majoring from this university are critically acclaimed.

2.Massachusetts Institute of Technology: 
MIT being the world’s best university not only produces brilliant computer scientists, engineers but also best writers we can have. Their world class training prepares the English graduates to become the best.

The course that is catered is split up into two; one being into writing and another into literature. The writing program includes creative writing as well as digital media.

3.John Hopkins university:
One of the best colleges in the USA, it is renowned for providing the less focused courses. Though they are the best in providing the best creative writing degree, the focus is more towards literary writing, critical analysis and literature education.

The students write on setting the scenes, outdoor stories, nature writing, science writing and point of view. This gives a broader sense to write. Though having compact faculty and limited classrooms, they don’t set behind to produce great ideas and terrific writers. 

4.Columbia University:
Being the most distinguished college to join, it has more number of star studded alumni, making it a way to be the world’s most loved university for writers.
The university is ranked among the best for creative writing because of their various workshops with seminars that study literature from a writer’s perspective.

With talented faculties being their lectures, it allows the budding writers to explore more of their own ideas and prepare themselves for the best. The MFA program encompasses of the all these courseware to give in more of literary experience.

5.Iowa University:
They have the stringent admission process which makes them one of the best colleges to study. Their course has the all the subjects that you can imagine. From business, culture, environment, science to social change, sports, humour. They settle scores which are equal to or greater than 3.3 GPA. Portfolio submission and the prior coursework is a must for entering this college.

6.Colorado University:
Colorado University is a public university located in Fort Collins, in the US state of Colorado. It is famed for providing a gaining experience to the aspiring writers. It offers creative writing majors which primarily are in depth study of literature. They have more of writing workshops which lets them discover their skills and present them in a better way.

Their philosophy is to analyze and discover art instead of just studying it, hence occasional visits to nature and outdoors is more. They give the opportunity to study English major in addition to creative writing and film studies. The university comes up with successful and talented writers every year because of the supportive faculty, the workshops and the creativity to be creative thus making it the best college to graduate from.

7.Hamilton college:
Being one of the reputed universities, it is a rewarding experience for a budding writer to get a course done from Hamilton College. Based in Clinton, New York it is known worldwide for its writing centre.
Hamilton College provides courses in English majors and creative writing, letting the students choose their interests. They also conduct workshops such as poetry, fiction, nonfiction and playwriting. The writers are left to use their creativity to the fullest and hence more talent is exhibited making it the top college for writers in US.

Tuesday, 24 January 2017

Proofread writing. Why is proofreading required and is pivotal


Proofreading is the concept of checking for any error in the write-up. Basically proofreading is done by all; beginners, professionals and even experts. It is a knack that needs to be learned to make sure the article or essay is nice to read (nobody likes jumbled statements, sentences without punctuation marks) Here we speak about how pivotal proofreading is and how it can change the writing from good to better.

Proofread things will always have:

Correct punctuated sentences.
Good words with proper sentences formed out of them.
Better grammar and good writing style.
Important keywords in the write up which will uplift the quality.

It is more than spell check and spotting errors:

Proofreading is not limited to just checking the correct spellings or spotting the grammatical errors. It is more of increasing the reader’s interest towards the writing. The proofread content must give more clarity to the writing and disparity from other writing.


1.Conveying proper information:
Proofreading is important because the writing must be proper and meaningful. People should be conveyed the accurate information. Sometimes, if the writing is not proofread well, it tends to fall out from the place and give inaccurate results.

2.Sticking to the prescribed styles:
Proofreading is helpful in formatting the writing in a well-structured format. The kind of writing with numberings, facts, paragraphs with additional information to be broken up into sub-paragraphs.

3.Use of proper language:
With age of advancements, people’s use of language has also upgraded. Nowadays they find more ease in using shortcuts, jargons and slangs. Such style is not entertained while writing
formal write-ups. Hence proofreading also gets to work to avoid such use of style.

4.Making it a little better:
Proofreading allows checking the work done by us and improving it to make it better. Certain points which were missed out last time can be added. The unnecessary words can be discarded.

5.Proofread writings let your writing skills score high:
Well written articles are those which have proper grammar, good punctuation at the right places. The writing skills are honored because they are proofread several times just before they are submitted.

6.Automated spell checker doesn’t help always:
It’s not that they are not reliable, but human eyes are more trustworthy to proofread the writing. Spellchecker software can be used but it is always worthy to have it double checked in case of any error.

7.Making sure whether the writing is logically built:
Proofreading is not just limited to checking grammar, proper structure. But it is more important to check whether the write up has been written in a logical way which connects the readers. This is one of the most important issues for any writer.

8.Breaking down the complexity:
Proofreading is an art and requires skills to break the complexity of writing and presenting it bit by bit in an understandable manner.

Common mistakes while writing and proofreading:

These are the commonly made mistakes that we, at some point of time have dealt with it.

1.Use of comma and full stops: We tend to use commas and full stops everywhere but not necessarily where required.
For example:
Incorrect: She exercises regularly, which includes walking, jogging, and running.
Correct: She exercises regularly which includes walking, jogging and running.

2.Apostrophes’ confusion:
Possible use of the apostrophes’ in right place
Case I: It is my friend’s birthday today. (Meaning birthday of a particular friend)
Case II: I have my friends’ contact number saved in my cell phone. (Meaning having multiple numbers of friends’ contact number)

3.Wrong use of the word:
We sometimes write the words which are not required in the place.
Mary was not identified by the security guard until she showed him the access card. (Right)
Mary was not identified by the security guard until she showed him the excess card (Wrong)

4.Use of capital letters in the middle of the sentences:
Capital letters should be used at the start of a sentence. But they can also be used to indicate a noun if used in the middle of the sentence.

Bob was in the United States today. He is traveling to India tomorrow. 

5.Run-on sentences:
Run-on sentences are the sentences having two or more independent clauses joined without proper punctuation mark or conjunction.

For example:
It’s really hot today we’re going to the swimming pool today. (Incorrect)
It’s really hot today; we’re going to the swimming pool today. (Correct)

Friday, 20 January 2017

Best tips to write a college application essay

Every student dreams to get into well-known colleges.But what goes without saying is how to prepare oneself for writing the college application essay.It is an informal way of judging a student’s ability and a formal way of screening conducted to enter into the college.

One of the crucial stages of entering into the big college is the college application essay.This lets the college administrator judge you based on the way the essay has been written.It shouldn’t be tough enough to write up if you follow these tips to write effectively. 

1.Being specific: The college application essay is an outset which students should take full use of as this essay speaks for them.The content must be specific, clear and to the point; not dragging it too much.The length of the essay must be 250-300 words and should not exceed that.The strategy that most often is assumed is the more the length; the better is the essay, which only brings down the chances of getting selected.

2.Being honest: Humans are made of strengths and flaws.Hence it would not be bad if the college application essay puts up the portrait of yourself rather than just too much of achievements to handle.All that the college seeks from the students is to show up themselves and not just a list of achievements and over the top excessiveness.

3.Being careful while using the words: It's good that the essay contains good vocabulary, but involving lots of words from a thesaurus can make it a Shakespeare's play.The parameter that the college considers is the ability to put up your words into an essay with humbleness and they are not judged by the glittery words.

4.Being modest about achievements: The college application essay must have achievements (if any) mentioned.But they aren’t the only measurable factor which weighs the quality of the essay.Adding up way too much of achievements seems like bragging about oneself which doesn’t help either.

5.Being accurate about the quality of the essay: Be sure to proofread the content well before submitting.Revise, rewrite and re-edit numerous times just to be sure about being error free.It is advisable to get the essay proofread from others to get it even more perfect.

6.Being purposeful: The reason behind this is that most of the students forget to write the actual point which tells about them.Instead, they concentrate on other things.Always being purposeful in any situation helps.

7.Being attentive enough to add hook sentences:  The most important part of an essay is the hook statement.It hooks the reader onto reading the whole article.That one strong point in the initial part of the essay decides how well the essay is written.

8.Being unique: You must not be afraid to add unique things about yourself which make you stand out from the crowd.There are people who follow the clich├ęd ways to write about themselves which makes the essay lost somewhere amidst others.  

9.Being creative while writing:  It is an opportunity to showcase your talents and the way you write about it.The essay gives a chance to radiate positivity about you and the good things about you. Don’t miss a chance to show up that in the essay.

10.Being on time: The deadlines are one of the parameters that are used by the college to get students admitted.So being on time and not missing a deadline is one way which increases the chance to get into your favorite college.

11.Being a research person: To make an essay well read, it must be analyzed deeply, the essay must be direct, giving all the accurate information.

12.Being aware of the fine line between a resume and the essay: Don’t recreate the essay into one more resume.Because essay is like a chance to express the missed out things in the resume.

These are few of the tried and tested tips that every university goer has tried. Hope this helps you too. The best thing to remember is to be you and put in the best. 

Wednesday, 16 March 2016

Review on Sort My Assignment

Sort My Assignment is a professional assignment writing service. First time I used the services of this site for my psychology assignment. Along with offering assignment writing service in any subject for every academic level, they help you write Thesis, Dissertations, Term papers, Research paper, Proposal statements, Book review, Movie review  and other Graduate-level projects. A friend who had used the services of this website referred this site. Here is a review about Sort My Assignment that will help you make the right choice.

The website of this company has relatively good visual appearance. It is a very professional looking website with a neat layout. The navigation around the site is super easy and everything flows in the order of importance for the student.Everything on the website is simple and straightforward. The order form is self-explanatory and I finished placing my order in less than ten minutes. Within minutes I received a confirmation mail and payment acknowledgement mail. The payment procedure too is very simple. You can use all major credit cards and debit cards as well as PayPal account to make your payment. The pricing policy is very transparent and the price on the order form is the final price.They do not charge anything extra.

I was welcomed by an affordable price on the site. You can get an instant quote by suing the online price calculator. Since it was a short deadline assignment it was a bit expensive.Ordering in advance will reduce the costs. The price also depends on the academic level and length of the paper. However it was worth the quality they provided. They also have lifetime discount deals that offer a discount of up to 20% which further reduces the cost. 

My paper had a deadline of 10 hours and it required in depth research. Hence I was quite apprehensive about the end product. But within three hours of placing the order, I received the first draft and it was exactly what I was looking for. The writer was quite knowledgeable and knew how to structure the assignment as per the guidelines.  Speaking of writers, this company hires only native UK writers who hold Masters and even PhD digress from reputed UK universities. They also have a team of writers from the US and Australia, especially to cater to customers studying in these regions.

I got the completed paper two hours before the deadline and the accuracy and quality of the finished work was splendid. I must say I was really impressed by the assignment. The writer had done in depth research and the paper was properly referenced as per the specifications. However if you want any further revisions the company offers free revisions until the customer is satisfied with the final product.

Their customer support team too was very responsive. I mostly used their 24/7 live chat facility; however they can also be reached via email and phone.

With its reasonable pricing and outstanding quality Sort My Assignment  surely has become my  number one “go to” place for the best academic essay writing services. I highly recommend Sort My Assignment to all the students looking for a website that offers a fine balance between reasonable price and premium quality.