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Wednesday, 22 March 2017

How to write a research paper?

How to write a research paper?

Research paper is a document that consists of materials with supportive arguments, analysis, discussions and ideas propagated through it. Writing a research paper can be easy if certain rules and procedures are followed.

To write a research paper, there goes lots of research on the topic, analysis on it and evaluating new points from the knowledge acquired. To put them into words, it must follow a specific format.

Here we have discussed the basic structure of a research paper. 

Basic structure of a research paper

1.Title page







      8.Reference list

  1.Title page:

  1.Title page should consist of the title and must tell the readers what it is about. 
        2.It must also contain the name of the person who has proposed the research paper.
        3.Name of the mentor guiding the paper must be mentioned.
        4.Name of the program or the course in which the research paper was completed should be         specified.
        5.Date of completion must be mentioned.
        6.Department in which the research paper was written should be written.


       1.An abstract is written in order to find the purpose of the study of research being done.
        2.It must contain Introduction, objective, method, results and conclusions.
        3.Major results what the research has produced must be specified here.
        4.Interpretation and implication of the result.
        5.The abstract must be confined to 250-300 words.
        6.It should be a synopsis or summary of the major aspects of the overall research paper.
        7.Summary of your interpretations and conclusions should be specified in the abstract. 


      1.First part of any paper is an introduction part.Writing an introduction must be well planned.
      2.To understand the research paper must have a general presentation of the topic being written.
      3.It should contain all the important key points, keywords to prove its credibility.
      4.A background must be provided to the research paper through an introduction section.
      5.Each paragraph must have its own implication and its contribution that it has towards the research paper.
      6.It must contain a problem statement which should further be expanded in the later part of the research paper. 


     1.This section consists of all the facts, statistics present to prove.
     2.It can be in terms of data provided, a design of the research paper, sampling strategies, an outline of the analysis.
     3.There are two kinds of methods: namely qualitative methodology and quantitative methodology.


    1.This section must include the report on the findings, data collected.
    2.Tables, graphs, charts must be utilized to represent the data.
    3.Secondary data such as sub-analysis, secondary outcomes also should be included.
    4.Validity of the result should be interpreted with the central research question.


     1.Discussion section is written with the purpose of providing light to the findings made in the research paper.
     2.There must be a discussion on the new findings and explaining insights about the problem.
     3.There must be a mention of strength and limitation of the research paper.
     4.It must always be connected to the hypotheses made to previously in the introduction.

     1.More than a summary, conclusion section must persuade the readers to think of what has been explained throughout the research paper.
     2.The key point here is to synthesize the whole points that are covered in the research paper.
     3.The length of conclusion must contain one or more paragraph depending on the subject and the topic chosen.

    8.Reference list:

    1.Citations are required to be written in order to make it a plagiarism free paper.
    2.Citing proper sources will help in expanding knowledge.
    3.Citing other people’s work will inform that you have got thorough knowledge on the topic that has been written.

Friday, 17 March 2017

Is buying essays online safe?

How safe it is to buy essays online?

Essay writing services are now becoming popular with the students. They are readymade solutions for the problems that students face in their academic life.

But how credible it is to buy essays online for the good grades? Is it ethical to pay money for your essays? Here we discuss whether it is safe to buy essays online. Essay writing services have increased in the past 10 years, with huge number of students turning to these.

Can I buy essays online without any fear?

To do or not to do; that is the question. Well, it so happens that the students, who are non native and have enrolled themselves into abroad universities, find it most difficult to cope up with the secondary language; being English.Click here to know how to improve the language. For such students, custom essay writing services might help.

Out of hundreds of essay writing services, it is difficult to choose the best one which is safe to use and submit the work at university. Below are some of the points mentioned that needs to be kept in mind while buying an essay. 

Measures to check if the online essay writing services are safe:

1.Choosing experts:
To choose the best, the essay writing services must have the best layout of the website, the best writers and best reviews about them. This creates a trust on the website leading to more students coming up for ordering an essay.

2.On time:
The essay writing service must submit the assignment on time. The important point is to deliver quality content. Content is important but even more important is the delivery of that content on time.

3.Checking the review of the website:
Even before plunging into buying an essay from the essay writing service, reviews on them must be read. This will let the students to decide on which service to be believed.

4.Non plagiarized content:
The major issue for any reliable essay writing service is that the content must be original, free from error. It will be issue for the students if the content is plagiarized and might be held against strict actions by the university.

5.Reviewing the essay:
The mistake that students do is, they submit their assignment ordered as it is to the university. Instead of this, the work can be reviewed and any changes can be made prior to submission. This way, it is safe to buy essays online. Because the work is just used for the reference purpose.

6.Direct contact with the writers:
Essay writing services must maintain transparency. This leads to good contact between the writers and the students who are buying the essay. It becomes safe to buy online if the writers will customize the essay as per the students needs.

7.Constant touch via the customer support:
There should be a constant contact between the students and the essay writing website. Not properly replying to the queries or delay in replying must be noted for bad service.

8.Asssurance for money back:
If the website offers money back on unsatisfactory results or failing to meet the time bound, such websites should be trusted. It is safe to buy online if an assurance is given.

9.Cost of the service:
With the quality in increasing order, the cost increases too. Fraudulent websites must be avoided which delivers the work at low cost offering huge discounts.

10.The website should hire high quality writers:
It is absolutely safe to buy online, if the content is written by the top quality writers. Because academic writers have the skill to write the assignment as prescribed by the universities hence lesser chances of students identity being revealed. 

This article is to inform the readers as to buying an essay online is safe or not. There are no biased opinions places, only keeping forwards the points for the students to decide.

Monday, 13 March 2017

How to attract readers to read your essay?

How to create an essay which will attract readers instantly?

How hard it is to attract readers to your essay? Very hard? Not really. It is not tough to gain readers if there is an accurate thought process applied while writing an essay.

To build an essay is easy but to maintain is the challenging task. There are several techniques available to build readership, but it is not as easy as it seems to be, to maintain the readership. Growing with shortfalls is the way to score up in life. 

Here too, we have few of the tips mentioned which will help in continuing the readership. These things are already known to us but go unnoticed very easily. Here we are to help you get back those unnoticed things which can turn your essay into an interesting one that readers will keep reading. 

Things which are not to be included when writing an essay to gain more readers

1.Weak opinion: Though certain essays need to be formal and do have much description allowed to write, the first mistake that is made is, to repeat or suppress your own opinion in a weak manner. This will substantially lower the chances of readers reading your essay

Instead use: Strong opinion
 An essay must have at least one strong point or include strong opinion throughout which will persuade the reader to think in your perspective. It does take some time to write in such a powerful manner but nothing starts without trying. Try expressing your opinion in your next essay.

2.Use of high-end words: The most common misconception while writing an essay is to include words from the thesaurus and make it a glorious one. It will not only complicate the write-up but will leave the readers confused. 

Instead use: Simple vocabulary
The trick is to use simple vocabulary which will bring reader’s attention closer which will help them relate to what is being written. Lucid content gives more readers.

3.Stuffing too much of information: It is agreed that the primary intention to write an essay is to inform readers with accurate information. But stuffing too much of it can also harm the quality.

 Instead use: Minimal information and maximum content
This is the most important part, to give the readers more content to read than to feed them with too much of information. There is a fine line between filling an essay with information and giving readers content to read which they can relate to.

4.Focusing on the just information: There are more factors that are indirectly related to attracting more readers. Giving information is focused more sidelining other important factors.

Instead use: catchy title
Even a start should not be missed. Reader’s eyes catch attention from the title. If there are titles which will ensue interest, then rest assured, the content also will be well received.

5.Giving information at one go: The other side of the story, while an essay is written, is to hold the reader’s attention until the end.  Keeping the pace is the key point. Common mistake done is to reveal the information all at once.

Instead: Reveal the information step by step:
Content must be such that it engages the readers till the end. To do that, information must be presented in a step by step format so that readers can continue with the keeping the same interest live till the end. 

9 things to add in the essay to attract readers very easily

1.Breaking the content into interesting parts: Apart from structuring an essay, another way of breaking the content into an interesting part is to do the below points mentioned.
 1.Creating bullet points
2.Giving more examples
3.Breaking paragraphs into numerals

2.Bringing a background to the narration: Writing is not only an art, but there certainly lies a technique in bringing more readers. A background to an essay is as important as a structure to it. An essay must show readers a picture of what exactly is to be said.If a background is set, it becomes easy to gain more readers.

3.Creating an angle to the story being told: Every essay has different sides to it. Every dimension has a different story to tell. Hence essay must be written in such a way that it will bring newness into the same content.

It is as good as an old wine in a new bottle by creating a punch to the already told story.

4.Following “Don’t tell show “ theory religiously:
People tend to believe what is shown than what is told. Hence live examples and statistics must represent a significant amount of content. “Don’t show tell” theory works for every essay type. 

5.Detailing every aspect of the essay:
Every aspect that an essay consists of must be given fine detailing thus making it even more interesting.Each section like an introduction section, body section, and a conclusion must be given its own importance.

6.References to other readings:
An essay must contain references to other read resources or the sources that are used researching. This will make them believe the information being presented hence will glue their interest to finish the reading as well.

7.Get the hook:
A hook statement will make an essay from interesting to even more interesting. It is a key statement which allows the readers to read an essay completely till the end.

8.Provoking thoughts:
An essay must engage the readers hence there must be mapping the readers by constantly provoking them and posing questions towards so that they are into it.

9.Keep the curiosity:
Adding fun filled facts, statistics are the sure shot ways to keep the curiosity up for the readers to continue reading.

These are few of the neat tricks that can instantly generate readers for your essay. 

Monday, 6 March 2017

How to develop a thesis statement

How to create a thesis statement that will make your essay stand out?

An essay is incomplete without a thesis statement. Like all other elements of an essay make it stand out, a thesis statement also plays an important role to make it a successful one.

What is a thesis statement?
Thesis statement(s) are a pivotal part of an essay which focuses on the idea that is let out through it. It entails the background of what a particular topic is about and its emphasis in a few sentences.
Thesis statements are the critical section that must be written to give clarity to the topic in a clever way. 

Why is thesis so important?

1.Creates readability: It induces interest towards the topic and gives an idea about what topic is being written thereby creating readability.

2.Connects each section: Every section in an essay will have a relationship built through a thesis statement leading to completing an essay in a better way.

3.Answer to a question: It answers the main question providing several arguments to prove it in the rest of the essay.

4.Structure of an essay: It provides a structure and a body to the essay which will break the essay into bits but will intelligently put it back together again.

5.Focus on a topic: A focus on the topic is created when a thesis statement is written. Creation of interest on a topic remains very important hence enclosing this will enhance the quality of an essay.

Things to note while developing a thesis statement

After knowing what a thesis statement is and its due importance, it becomes necessary to remember some of the key points to create an effective thesis statement.

1.The length of a thesis statement:  It is better to finish a thesis statement within 2-3 sentences primarily focusing on the idea of a topic. It takes clever words to write down an impressive thesis statement.

2.Clear and specific: Thesis statement must be specific and clear to direct and provoke thoughts on the reader’s mind to continue reading the rest of the essay.

3.Use of strong words:  There must be utilization of strong words which supports the thesis thereby providing an essay its true meaning. Care is to be taken to know the fine line between not making it look too artificial with high-end words and plain words which will not gain readership.

4.Placing a thesis statement: An introductory part must have the thesis statement, it is a clever part to fit a thesis statement which will gather more readership.

There will always be the essence of a thesis statement in every section thus giving an essay its correct importance.

5.Positivity and confidence: A thesis must radiate positivity and confidence which will put an essay together though divided into sections namely, an introduction part, body section, and a conclusion. 

Step by step guide to write a thesis statement

1.Identify the topic to be written:
The first step in writing a thesis statement is to identify the topic being written. A general concept must be researched well before writing it down to bring out dimension to it. This allows in bringing a better perspective to an essay.  

2.Extract the main idea to focus on:
Once a topic is chosen for writing, the next crucial step is to extract the main idea of that topic. Every topic will have an essence in it which will have a primary idea on which there can be a larger focus.
While creating a thesis statement, the main idea of a topic chosen is used to make way for organizing an essay in a better manner.

3.Writing a thesis statement out of the idea derived:
A thesis statement can be written only when the main idea of a topic is derived out of it. You need to focus on the concept and write arguments for it.

This is a crucial part where the idea of the topic is to be focused upon and subordinating arguments being laid out substantially.

4.Break the main idea into parts and write a thesis out of it:
A thesis statement must be written in 2-3 sentences if required can be stretched till 5-6 sentences. The main idea is to break idea derived into little parts so that it becomes easy to write.

Each broken point must be then brought together into a single thesis part.

5.Revise and edit the thesis statement:
Once a thesis statement is written, it must be edited and revised multiple times to make sure that content which is written is delivering to the choice of an idea laid out.

6.Complete the thesis statement:
A thesis statement is always written in the introduction part but must be carried throughout the essay in a subtle and intelligent way. Each section must collaborate together with the thesis statement written. 

It is important to note that each element in an essay in itself brings out the best, thus thesis statement must also be developed in an outstanding manner keeping these above points in mind. 

Wednesday, 1 March 2017

How to introduce an essay

Introducing the introduction:
A start for anything must have an everlasting impression. Similarly, an essay must have a great start. Each essay has three sections to it: Introduction, body, and conclusion.

The very first section that is an introduction part holds an important place in an essay which introduces readers to the topic. An introduction to any topic gives clarity to it thereby enhancing the quality.

Why are introduction important:
Writing an introduction is very much important to start an essay. Following are the reasons why it becomes easy to write a quality essay if the introduction is given the right importance:

1.It presents an essay in such a way that it looks presentable
2.It decides the credibility of an essay carrying forward the content.
3.Generalize the topic to start with, later on passing it as a thesis statement.
4.Keeping readers glued to what is written.
5.Get a grip for holding readers attention.

After drawing few of importance of having an introduction, it is now clear that an essay must have a strong inception to build reader’s attention to read on further. We will now focus on building an introduction for the essay. How is it done?  Here are the tips hat are to be followed.

How to introduce an essay?

·         Introduction confined to introducing: The only purpose of writing an introduction to an essay is to gather readership. It must be brief enough to let the readers know what is to be said further.
      Care must be taken not to let the topic disperse off from the subject being discussed. It must be concise enough to give a start but not too lengthy with an excess of information. 

·         Hooking the readers to the content: Two or more hook statements must be added which will engage readers in reading it further. It is a necessary element which adds tone to an essay and help in building a one.

·         It must have a start that leads to other sections: The main aim of writing an introduction part is to brief about the topic being written. The transition from one section to another is very important. Hence transitional sentences called as thesis statement must be included to lead to the other part of an essay. 

·         Must be given a background for the information: The idea of presenting an introduction is to subtly give information about the topic being written. Therefore, background must be provided which will condense the substance into it.

·         Stick to purpose: The purpose of writing an essay is straightforward, to inform readers. This very purpose must hold onto in every section else it loses its meaning and the context.

·         Do not rush to explain the topic: True to its meaning, an introduction must be precise, accurate and to the point. An in-depth explanation of the topic should be concentrated in the next part of the essay. Rushing to explain the topic will only increase complexity. 

·         Focus on scattering diversification onto topic: An introduction must branch out ideas which will help in scattering the topic for further reading. Diversifying the topic and helping the readers understand it better is the real task of writing an introduction section. 

·         Concentration on the tone of an essay: A tone must be set at the initial stage of writing an essay. This will help in binding it together till the end. It must be written in either active voice or passive voice based on its type.

·         Ideal introduction must be impressive at first: First impression is the best impression; hence an ideal essay is one which has an impressive start to it. This can gather more interest to read further. 

Each part of an essay holds an equal amount of significance. This being said, it is more of a responsibility to write a good essay with a good introduction to it. 

Friday, 24 February 2017

Are essay writing services ethical?

To be or not to be; that is the question. There are always few apprehensions that students have while buying an essay online. With Internet having so much to offer, essay writing services do not step back in terms of providing ethical services to students.

Why do we say something is illegal? It is because we are doing something against law. It becomes illegal if the rules to be followed are broken. While speaking of essay writing services also, there are two sides to it; students buying them are either guilt-ridden or learn something effective out of it. It completely is a perspective. We here share the perspective of how essay which is bought online have an immense impact on students and how they are ethical to buy.

We do not point out to hold on the views but would like to put the limelight on the other side of the story.

Buying essays are ethical because:

1.They are to be used as references:
According to the policy of essay writing service, the work that they do for students is just for reference. They cannot be and should not be submitted by them as original work.

It becomes the responsibility of students to edit, revise the work and submit them using the reference of the essays they bought online. Hence it is ethical to buy them online.

2.Students take help from professionals:
We learn something every day. From peers, friends, elders, younger ones to us. Learning to write an essay from a professional seems a fair thing too.

The essays bought online are written by professional writers who have proven experience in writing. Hence taking help for improving writing is ethical thereby providing more opportunities to learn.

 3.They are against reselling policy:
Essay writing services adhere to the policy of writing unique quality content to an individual student. It is illegal to pass one essay to many students.

Students hold the responsibility of using these services the right way. It is ethical to buy essay online as only original essays are sold, discouraging the act of plagiarism.

4.They are beneficial for non-native speakers:
US and UK universities attract students from all over the world. There are bare chances of all students being proficient in the English language.

Though they will be well versed in the subject, due to good writing skills and less knowledge of the use of English, they might be deceived of good marks.

To help out such students, essay writing services provide a guideline for writing an assignment. These can be used as a reference for the work to be submitted. Therefore it is very much ethical to buy assignment from essay writing service. 

5.They have command over the language:
Only skilled writers with proficiency in the use of language are hired by essay writing services. Therefore for students who face difficulty in writing down what they have learned can seek the help of such writers without any guilt.
It is because of this reason, buying essays online are ethical.

6.Plagiarism free content:
Plagiarism is a serious offense that no university or college accepts; because it is an act of passing off somebody else’s work as their own.

But genuine essay writing service stresses on promoting uniqueness by creating custom paper for students. They take every step to avoid plagiarism which proves that there is no harm in buying essays online owing to ethics.     

7.They are bought paying money:
Essay writing services are also a type of service; they provide quality essays to students. Like buying any other service, it is ethical to pay for the service offered by them.

But what remains critical here is the right use of the service bought; they must be used only as a reference for further work.

With these points explained, it clearly becomes ethical to buy essays online. The perspective here mentioned might not be accepted by all, but it does help students with the problems that they face.

Monday, 20 February 2017

How can buying essays from writing services benefit the students?

Writing assignments sometimes can be easy if everything goes well. But there are a few bad times as well which might just not cooperate. It will hectic when assignments are not completed on the time; with several reasons being added, like less knowledge on the topic, less time for researching on the topic and insufficient resources for writing a proper essay.

In such helpless situations, essay writing services become the best helpers for students who find it problematic to finish assignments.

Here we will list what are the benefits of buying essays from essay writing services and how it adds more impact in the final result.

1.Original content:
They provide unique and originally written content to students. This will benefit the students with a high-quality essay to submit them as an assignment. The best thing which is to be considered is that they write the essay from the scratch.

2.Well researched before written:
To discourage plagiarism, the content is first finalized, well researched and only then written. This leads to creating well-informed essay which will increase its readability.

3.Useful sources mentioned:
While writing for the topic, good writers research for the content from a useful set of sources; which is why the quality of the essay increased. They also mention which the reputable sources which were used while writing.

4.They provide a number of services:
Best essay writing services provide a wide range of services which includes essays, assignments, lab report, dissertation, journal reflection, thesis, research proposal to name a few.

5.Affordable prices to pay:
 The benefit of buying an essay from reliable essay writing service is that they offer the best service at an affordable price. This gives the student an option to buy them without paying a hefty amount.

6.They provide discounts too:
Along with providing services at affordable prices, they offer good discounts on the orders. This will help students to buy them to get quality essays. 

7.They write non-plagiarized content:
Universities get offended if they find the content is plagiarized or contain paraphrased sentences. Best essay writing services write non-plagiarized and unique content hence there should not be any apprehensions of getting caught.

8.Required reference style:
They adapt to required reference style which universities expect from students. Standard reference styles such as MLA, APA, and Harvard etc are the ones which are followed while writing an essay.

9.They are provided on time:
Essay writing service provides exemplary content within the stipulated time. Because of this feature, most students rely on these websites.

10.Adhering to confidentiality policy:
Confidential matters such as the name of students, their personal details and private information like debit card and credit card numbers are guarded secretly. This will allow the students to trust them.

11.The essays score well because of the best quality:
The assignments which are submitted with the help of essay writing service score well in comparison to ones which are not. This increases the credibility of student’s performance resulting in better results.

12.Revision of the work:
The work which is finished is edited and revised according to student’s requirements. This does not require the student to pay any extra fee.

13.Direct contact with the writers:
Essay writing service which allows direct contact between the writers and clients helps in increasing the quality of an essay. Any modifications to be made or certain exclusion of information in the content, it can be done real time.

14.Can be used as a guide to work further:
It is considered cheating if the work ordered from online essays is submitted as it is. It should be used as a guide to writing own work further. 

15.No compromise on quality:
Writers from renowned US and UK universities are hired by the essay writing services. Hence there is no compromise on the quality of the essay being written.