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Sunday, 2 April 2017

How to write a definition essay

What is definition essay?

Essays are of different kinds; formal, informal, personal, persuasive, narrative, expository essay.
Expository essays are the essays which inform the audience about information. There are 6 types of expository essays; definition essay is one of them.
What is a definition?
A definition is nothing but a statement that states the exact meaning of a term or a word. 

What is a definition essay?
A definition essay is an essay which defines a term in a lengthy manner. To interpret the meaning of a word and explaining it in a broader sense is the thing about writing definition essay.

The subject can be from general to complex topics. For writing a definition essay, the definition must be thoroughly understood and well-researched to write about it.
Definition essay must be able to explain a concept that can make a reader understand. 

Resources for finding a definition:

Effective ways to write a definition essay

Here are few of the steps given to write a definition essay. These steps will be helpful in writing the best essay.

1.Take up a difficult word: To start off writing a definition essay, a difficult term must be chosen to write on it. These difficult terms might have one or more meaning. Such words should be chosen which should not bring ambiguity to the content.

2.Analyze the word using different sources- To start writing a descriptive essay, the word which is chosen must be analysed properly. There are various resources which are available to research on the word such as some of them mentioned above. The etymology of the word, its meaning, its interpretation in different context; everything must be taken into consideration.  

3.Outline the essay so that it can be written: Outline of an essay is required as it gives a shape to the essay. It clearly brings out effective understanding through the topic which is being written. Click here to know more on how to create an outline for an essay.

4.Write an introduction:  Introductory part of an essay consists of an introduction to the topic, necessary hook statements, and thesis statements. All these are included in order to make an essay more engaging and interesting to read.
Information must be presented in a subtle manner enough to induce interest in the reader’s mind.

5.Write the body of the essay: Each definition will have its own components and layers to it. Each layer must be presented effectively. The body section must consist of the explanation of the definition and its analysis associated.
The body section must essentially have 3 paragraphs which will have its own arguments and subordinating points. These are necessary in order to provide validity and proof for the term that is to be explained.

6.Edit the essay: Editing is an important stage while an essay is being written. It must be edited so that there is no misconception about information being present.

7.Proofread the essay:  The last stage of writing a definition essay is to proofread. Proofreading is important as there might be grammatical mistakes, misspelled words which must be corrected before it is submitted for publishing.

Important points to remember while writing a definition essay:

These are the important points that must be considered while writing a definition essay:
1.Analysis of the definition
2.Origin and causes of the definition
3.Strong transitions between each section
4.Use of facts, examples to make it a better quality essay
5.A definition should not be narrowed down with the meaning

Examples topics of definition essay

1.Define beauty
2.Define voltage
3.Define Temperature
4.Define honesty
5.Define emotion

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