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Sunday, 5 May 2013

Tips for writing an essay in APA format

Writing an essay is nothing more than putting forth your ideas about a certain subject and your perspective towards that matter. Writing is a skill that everyone may not be that good at. Some students are able to write and express themselves very well while some others just can’t do it. 

Our professional London essay writers know the art of writing essays and they have been helping students with their essays for a long time. Read more to know about how you can avail our writing services.  

Essay writing is a formal style of writing in which certain academic standards needs to be followed. There are also various styles in essay writing. Hence if you want to present yourself well to your professor it is imperative to get the concept of writing too in place before starting to write. Many essay writing service providers and companies help students now not only to write but also to guide them in order to deliver an essay as per the standards and the correct format. 

Are you looking for APA format of writing an essay? This may sound very daunting for some students who find writing itself stressful. However if you understand the concept properly then it’s very easy, just like writing any other essay. We are here to help you. These are some easy to follow guidelines so that you can get your format correctly.

What is APA format? APA format is a formal style of the American Psychological Association.  This style originated in 1929 and was published in Psychological Bulletin that laid out the basic guidelines. It basically is including elements like proper spacing, margins and content structure while writing your essay.  This format of writing was used in a range of subjects including psychology, education and other social sciences.

Some APA format basics:
a)   Title page – This page should include the Title of the essay, your name, your school/college name and optional sub titles are your faculty’s name and the date. All this information should be double spaced and centered from top to bottom and side to side.
b)   Abstract – An abstract is a brief summary of your subject. Ideally in APA format it should not be more than 100 to 150 words. However you must consult your professor for their specifications.
c)   Main discussion – This section will include the main body of your essay i.e. your actual presentation including introduction, main debate, views, ideas and conclusion on the subject.
d)    Header – Every page in APA format should include a header which includes shortened title, usually the first few words of the title. Also every page should include page numbers in the top right corner.
e)   Spacing – Spacing plays a very important role in this kind of format. The entire document should be double spaced including the title and the reference page. There should be no extra spaces between paragraphs.
f)    Margins – There should be uniform margin spacing on all sides of the page. This should be 1-inch on all the sides of the page i.e. top, bottom and on the left and right sides.
g)    ReferencesYour references should always begin on a new page. This section will cite your entire reference list i.e. the sources for all the information collected by you from various books, journals, newspapers etc. for your essay writing.  It should be alphabetical order in the following order. Writing references should also be strictly as per the required standards.

Although APA format may seem little intimidating in the beginning, once you get to understand the format right it will become much easier. The above mentioned guidelines are generalized APA format standards; however it is always better to consult your professor for further details as per their requirements and expectations on this format.

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