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Wednesday, 8 February 2017

Is it plagiarism if you buy a paper online?

Is it plagiarism if I buy paper online?

Getting the perfect grades and graduating from the college is a dream for every student. What one must not miss is to follow up the rules to ace the assignments that are assigned. When some of the subjects are difficult to handle or a topic is too complex to understand, students tend to seek professional help. Essay writing services are the first choice that a student chooses.

Getting help from an online resource is the debate. Does it encourage plagiarism if an essay is bought from an essay writing service? Am I cheating my college by buying the assignments online? These sorts of questions arise in every student’s mind.

8 points which prove that buying essays online is not plagiarism:

Here we have mentioned few of the valid points which resolute that buying essays online are not harmful.

1.Original write-up:
It becomes plagiarism if the content is copied from the internet or it is paraphrased. The essay writing services provide quality content from the best writers. The writers make sure that the content is written from the scratch.

2.Top quality writers:
Substandard essays are subject to plagiarism, because of poor writing skills and lack of skilled writers.Best essay writing services choose only efficient writers, hence plagiarism is strictly discouraged.

3.Using write-ups only as references:
Students often submit the work that they bought from the online essay writing service leading to plagiarism.They fail to understand that the write-up which is bought should be used for reference purpose instead of passing them off as their own work.

4.Improper citation and reference:
It is a sign of plagiarism if there are bad references put in the essays. Assignments which doesn’t  give in credits or has improper citations bring down the quality of the essay. If an online service is used, they must be chosen based on the authenticity for the citations that are used.

5.Quality proofreading:
A team of quality analysts in the essay writing services check for foolproof and edit the write-up as and when required. Thus plagiarism is discarded by providing best edited essays to the students.

6.Guidance from professionals:
Terming it as seeking help from the professional, the write-ups become better with the proper guidelines from them. This cannot be treated as plagiarism because it is a guidance taken from the subject expert to complete the assignment. Students must use the write-up only for reference.

7.Reselling policy:
It becomes plagiarism if the work is resold to other clients. Only best essay writing services must be trusted as they follow the rules of not reselling the same.

8.Copyright policy:
The write-ups which are sold to the students are given the copyright. Students have the right over the work bought by them. Hence there is no plagiarism being followed.

Plagiarism is a serious offense which is punishable. But these eight points are a proof that essay writing services are present for decreasing the burden of the students.Nevertheless,it completely depends on the students how they use the service.

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