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Tuesday, 31 January 2017

Top 7 colleges for writers in the US

Where to find the best college for writers?

Majoring in English is one of a kind. Perhaps there are a handful of colleges that has a degree in creative writing. As creative writing is more of creativity and expression of art through writing, it needs lots of talent and passion towards art.

Choosing a college (be it in any field) requires not being hasty and wisely choosing the university to spend rest of 3 or 4 years to shape up the career. Below are the top 7 colleges for writers in the USA.

 These universities will definitely give a boost to the aspiring writers to form their career in writing.

Top 7 Colleges for writers in the US

1.Emory University:
Situated in Atlanta, Emory University is the top-rated university for the best writers that they produce. They have the course for majoring in creative writing/English. They also allow students to major in playwriting, poetry, creative nonfiction, and screenwriting. The ratio of a student and a teacher is at 1:15 maximum up to 1:25. 

For producing world renowned writers, it is considered the “top 5 best American colleges for writers”. The good thing about the university is that it allows the students to choose their own subjects and but with a mandatory subject of poetry. Their acceptance rate being 26.8%, it is on the harder side to get the application getting selected, but students majoring from this university are critically acclaimed.

2.Massachusetts Institute of Technology: 
MIT being the world’s best university not only produces brilliant computer scientists, engineers but also best writers we can have. Their world class training prepares the English graduates to become the best.

The course that is catered is split up into two; one being into writing and another into literature. The writing program includes creative writing as well as digital media.

3.John Hopkins university:
One of the best colleges in the USA, it is renowned for providing the less focused courses.

Though they are the best in providing the best creative writing degree, the focus is more towards literary writing, critical analysis and literature education.

The students write on setting the scenes, outdoor stories, nature writing, science writing and point of view. This gives a broader sense to write. Though having compact faculty and limited classrooms, they don’t set behind to produce great ideas and terrific writers. 

4.Columbia University:
Being the most distinguished college to join, it has number of star-studded alumni, making it a way to be the world’s most loved university for writers.
The university is ranked among the best for creative writing because of their various workshops with seminars that study literature from a writer’s perspective.

With talented faculties being their lectures, it allows the budding writers to explore more of their own ideas and prepare themselves for the best. The MFA program encompasses of the all these courseware to give in more of literary experience.

5.Iowa University:
They have the stringent admission process which makes them one of the best colleges to study. Their course has the all the subjects that you can imagine. From business, culture, environment, science to social change, sports, humor. They settle scores which are equal to or greater than 3.3 GPA. Portfolio submission and the prior coursework is a must for entering this college.

6.Colorado University:
Colorado University is a public university located in Fort Collins, in the US state of Colorado. It is famed for providing a gaining experience to the aspiring writers. It offers creative writing majors which primarily are in-depth study of literature. They have more of writing workshops which lets them discover their skills and present them in a better way.

Their philosophy is to analyze and discover art instead of just studying it, hence occasional visits to nature and outdoors is more. They give the opportunity to study English major in addition to creative writing and film studies. The university comes up with successful and talented writers every year because of the supportive faculty, the workshops and the creativity to be creative thus making it the best college to graduate from.

7.Hamilton college:
Being one of the reputed universities, it is a rewarding experience for a budding writer to get a course done from Hamilton College. Based in Clinton, New York it is known worldwide for its writing centre.
Hamilton College provides courses in English majors and creative writing, letting the students choose their interests. They also conduct workshops such as poetry, fiction, nonfiction and playwriting. The writers are left to use their creativity to the fullest and hence more talent is exhibited making it the top college for writers in US.

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