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Monday, 13 March 2017

How to attract readers to read your essay?

How to create an essay which will attract readers instantly?

How hard it is to attract readers to your essay? Very hard? Not really. It is not tough to gain readers if there is an accurate thought process applied while writing an essay.

To build an essay is easy but to maintain is the challenging task. There are several techniques available to build readership, but it is not as easy as it seems to be, to maintain the readership. Growing with shortfalls is the way to score up in life. 

Here too, we have few of the tips mentioned which will help in continuing the readership. These things are already known to us but go unnoticed very easily. Here we are to help you get back those unnoticed things which can turn your essay into an interesting one that readers will keep reading. 

Things which are not to be included when writing an essay to gain more readers

1.Weak opinion: Though certain essays need to be formal and do have much description allowed to write, the first mistake that is made is, to repeat or suppress your own opinion in a weak manner. This will substantially lower the chances of readers reading your essay

Instead use: Strong opinion
 An essay must have at least one strong point or include strong opinion throughout which will persuade the reader to think in your perspective. It does take some time to write in such a powerful manner but nothing starts without trying. Try expressing your opinion in your next essay.

2.Use of high-end words: The most common misconception while writing an essay is to include words from the thesaurus and make it a glorious one. It will not only complicate the write-up but will leave the readers confused. 

Instead use: Simple vocabulary
The trick is to use simple vocabulary which will bring reader’s attention closer which will help them relate to what is being written. Lucid content gives more readers.

3.Stuffing too much of information: It is agreed that the primary intention to write an essay is to inform readers with accurate information. But stuffing too much of it can also harm the quality.

 Instead use: Minimal information and maximum content
This is the most important part, to give the readers more content to read than to feed them with too much of information. There is a fine line between filling an essay with information and giving readers content to read which they can relate to.

4.Focusing on the just information: There are more factors that are indirectly related to attracting more readers. Giving information is focused more sidelining other important factors.

Instead use: catchy title
Even a start should not be missed. Reader’s eyes catch attention from the title. If there are titles which will ensue interest, then rest assured, the content also will be well received.

5.Giving information at one go: The other side of the story, while an essay is written, is to hold the reader’s attention until the end.  Keeping the pace is the key point. Common mistake done is to reveal the information all at once.

Instead: Reveal the information step by step:
Content must be such that it engages the readers till the end. To do that, information must be presented in a step by step format so that readers can continue with the keeping the same interest live till the end. 

9 things to add in the essay to attract readers very easily

1.Breaking the content into interesting parts: Apart from structuring an essay, another way of breaking the content into an interesting part is to do the below points mentioned.
 1.Creating bullet points
2.Giving more examples
3.Breaking paragraphs into numerals

2.Bringing a background to the narration: Writing is not only an art, but there certainly lies a technique in bringing more readers. A background to an essay is as important as a structure to it. An essay must show readers a picture of what exactly is to be said.If a background is set, it becomes easy to gain more readers.

3.Creating an angle to the story being told: Every essay has different sides to it. Every dimension has a different story to tell. Hence essay must be written in such a way that it will bring newness into the same content.
It is as good as an old wine in a new bottle by creating a punch to the already told story.

4.Following “Don’t tell show “ theory religiously:
People tend to believe what is shown than what is told. Hence live examples and statistics must represent a significant amount of content. “Don’t show tell” theory works for every essay type. 

5.Detailing every aspect of the essay:
Every aspect that an essay consists of must be given fine detailing thus making it even more interesting.Each section like an introduction section, body section, and a conclusion must be given its own importance.

6.References to other readings:
An essay must contain references to other read resources or the sources that are used researching. This will make them believe the information being presented hence will glue their interest to finish the reading as well.

7.Get the hook:
A hook statement will make an essay from interesting to even more interesting. It is a key statement which allows the readers to read an essay completely till the end.

8.Provoking thoughts:
An essay must engage the readers hence there must be mapping the readers by constantly provoking them and posing questions towards so that they are into it.

9.Keep the curiosity:
Adding fun filled facts, statistics are the sure shot ways to keep the curiosity up for the readers to continue reading.

These are few of the neat tricks that can instantly generate readers for your essay. 

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