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Wednesday, 22 March 2017

How to write a research paper?

How to write a research paper?

Research paper is a document that consists of materials with supportive arguments, analysis, discussions and ideas propagated through it. Writing a research paper can be easy if certain rules and procedures are followed.

To write a research paper, there goes lots of research on the topic, analysis on it and evaluating new points from the knowledge acquired. To put them into words, it must follow a specific format.

Here we have discussed the basic structure of a research paper. 

Basic structure of a research paper

1.Title page







      8.Reference list

  1.Title page:

  1.Title page should consist of the title and must tell the readers what it is about. 
        2.It must also contain the name of the person who has proposed the research paper.
        3.Name of the mentor guiding the paper must be mentioned.
        4.Name of the program or the course in which the research paper was completed should be         specified.
        5.Date of completion must be mentioned.
        6.Department in which the research paper was written should be written.


       1.An abstract is written in order to find the purpose of the study of research being done.
        2.It must contain Introduction, objective, method, results and conclusions.
        3.Major results what the research has produced must be specified here.
        4.Interpretation and implication of the result.
        5.The abstract must be confined to 250-300 words.
        6.It should be a synopsis or summary of the major aspects of the overall research paper.
        7.Summary of your interpretations and conclusions should be specified in the abstract. 


      1.First part of any paper is an introduction part.Writing an introduction must be well planned.
      2.To understand the research paper must have a general presentation of the topic being written.
      3.It should contain all the important key points, keywords to prove its credibility.
      4.A background must be provided to the research paper through an introduction section.
      5.Each paragraph must have its own implication and its contribution that it has towards the research paper.
      6.It must contain a problem statement which should further be expanded in the later part of the research paper. 


     1.This section consists of all the facts, statistics present to prove.
     2.It can be in terms of data provided, a design of the research paper, sampling strategies, an outline of the analysis.
     3.There are two kinds of methods: namely qualitative methodology and quantitative methodology.


    1.This section must include the report on the findings, data collected.
    2.Tables, graphs, charts must be utilized to represent the data.
    3.Secondary data such as sub-analysis, secondary outcomes also should be included.
    4.Validity of the result should be interpreted with the central research question.


     1.Discussion section is written with the purpose of providing light to the findings made in the research paper.
     2.There must be a discussion on the new findings and explaining insights about the problem.
     3.There must be a mention of strength and limitation of the research paper.
     4.It must always be connected to the hypotheses made to previously in the introduction.

     1.More than a summary, conclusion section must persuade the readers to think of what has been explained throughout the research paper.
     2.The key point here is to synthesize the whole points that are covered in the research paper.
     3.The length of conclusion must contain one or more paragraph depending on the subject and the topic chosen.

    8.Reference list:

    1.Citations are required to be written in order to make it a plagiarism free paper.
    2.Citing proper sources will help in expanding knowledge.
    3.Citing other people’s work will inform that you have got thorough knowledge on the topic that has been written.

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