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Friday, 20 January 2017

Best tips to write a college application essay

How to write a college application essay that gets you into your dream college

Every student dreams to get into well-known colleges.But what goes without saying is how to prepare oneself for writing the college application essay.It is an informal way of judging a student’s ability and a formal way of screening conducted to enter into the college.

One of the crucial stages of entering into the big college is the college application essay.This lets the college administrator judge you based on the way the essay has been written.It should not be tough enough to write up if you follow these tips to write effectively. 

What are the essential tips to write a college application essay?

1.Being specific: The college application essay is an outset which students should take full use of as this essay speaks for them.The content must be specific, clear and to the point; not dragging it too much.The length of the essay must be 250-300 words and should not exceed that.The strategy that most often is assumed is the more the length; the better is the essay, which only brings down the chances of getting selected.

2.Being honest: Humans are made of strengths and flaws.Hence it would not be bad if the college application essay puts up the portrait of yourself rather than just too much of achievements to handle.All that the college seeks from the students is to show up themselves and not just a list of achievements and over the top excessiveness.

3.Being careful while using the words: It's good that the essay contains good vocabulary, but involving lots of words from a thesaurus can make it a Shakespeare's play.The parameter that the college considers is the ability to put up your words into an essay with humbleness and they are not judged by the glittery words.

4.Being modest about achievements: The college application essay must have achievements (if any) mentioned.But they aren’t the only measurable factor which weighs the quality of the essay.Adding up way too much of achievements seems like bragging about oneself which doesn’t help either.

5.Being accurate about the quality of the essay: Be sure to proofread the content well before submitting.Revise, rewrite and re-edit numerous times just to be sure about being error free.It is advisable to get the essay proofread from others to get it even more perfect.

6.Being purposeful: The reason behind this is that most of the students forget to write the actual point which tells about them.Instead, they concentrate on other things.Always being purposeful in any situation helps.

7.Being attentive enough to add hook sentences:  The most important part of an essay is the hook statement.It hooks the reader onto reading the whole article.That one strong point in the initial part of the essay decides how well the essay is written.

8.Being unique: You must not be afraid to add unique things about yourself which make you stand out from the crowd.There are people who follow the clich├ęd ways to write about themselves which makes the essay lost somewhere amidst others.  

9.Being creative while writing:  It is an opportunity to showcase your talents and the way you write about it.The essay gives a chance to radiate positivity about you and the good things about you. Don’t miss a chance to show up that in the essay.

10.Being on time: The deadlines are one of the parameters that are used by the college to get students admitted.So being on time and not missing a deadline is one way which increases the chance to get into your favorite college.

11.Being a research person: To make an essay well read, it must be analyzed deeply, the essay must be direct, giving all the accurate information.

12.Being aware of the fine line between a resume and the essay: Don’t recreate the essay into one more resume.Because essay is like a chance to express the missed out things in the resume.

These are few of the tried and tested tips to write the best college application essay that every university goer has tried.Hope this helps you too. The best thing to remember is to be you and put in the best. 

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