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Tuesday, 24 January 2017

Proofread writing and its importance

How proofreading can change your good essay into the best one

Proofreading is the concept of checking for any error in the write-up. Basically proofreading is done by all; beginners, professionals and even experts. It is a knack that needs to be learned to make sure the article or essay is nice to read (nobody likes jumbled statements, sentences without punctuation marks) Here we speak about how pivotal proofreading is and how it can change the writing from better to best. 

Proofread things will always have:

Correct punctuated sentences.
Good words with proper sentences formed out of them.
Better grammar and good writing style.
Important keywords in the write up which will uplift the quality.

It is more than spell check and spotting errors:

Proofreading is not limited to just checking the correct spellings or spotting the grammatical errors. It is more of increasing the reader’s interest towards the writing. The proofread content must give more clarity to the writing and disparity from other writing.

Importance of proofreading

1.Conveying proper information:
Proofreading is important because the writing must be proper and meaningful. People should be conveyed the accurate information. Sometimes, if the writing is not proofread well, it tends to fall out from the place and give inaccurate results.

2.Sticking to the prescribed styles:
Proofreading is helpful in formatting the writing in a well-structured format. Writing which includes numberings, facts, paragraphs and additional information should be broken up into sub-paragraphs.

3.Use of proper language:
With age of advancements, people’s use of language has also upgraded. Nowadays they find more ease in using shortcuts, jargons and slangs. Such style is not entertained while writing
formal write-ups. Hence proofreading also gets to work by discarding such use of style.

4.Making it a little better:
Proofreading allows checking the work done by us and improving it to make it better. Certain points which were missed out last time can be added. Unnecessary words added earlier can be discarded.

5.Proofread writings let your writing skills score high:
Well written articles are those which have proper grammar, good punctuation at the right places.Those writing skills are honored which are proofread several times just before they are submitted.

6.Automated spell checker doesn’t help always:
It’s not that they are not reliable, but human eyes are more trustworthy to proofread the writing. Spellchecker software can be used but it is always worthy to have it double checked in case of any error.

7.Making sure whether the writing is logically built:
Proofreading is not just limited to checking grammar, proper structure. But it is more important to check whether the write up has been written in a logical way which connects the readers. This is one of the most important issues for any writer.

8.Breaking down the complexity:
Proofreading is an art and requires skills to break the complexity of writing and presenting it bit by bit in an understandable manner.

Common mistakes while writing and proofreading

These are the commonly made mistakes that we, at some point of time have dealt with it.

1.Use of comma and full stops: We tend to use commas and full stops everywhere but not necessarily where required.
For example:
Incorrect: She exercises regularly, which includes walking, jogging, and running.
Correct: She exercises regularly which includes walking, jogging and running.

2.Apostrophes’ confusion: Possible use of the apostrophes’ in right place.
Case I: It is my friend’s birthday today. (Meaning birthday of a particular friend)
Case II: I have my friends’ contact number saved in my cell phone. (Meaning having multiple numbers of friends’ contact number)

3.Wrong use of the word: We sometimes write the words which are not required in the place.
For example:
Mary was not identified by the security guard until she showed him the access card. (Right)
Mary was not identified by the security guard until she showed him the excess card (Wrong)

4.Use of capital letters in the middle of the sentences: Capital letters should be used at the start of a sentence. But they can also be used to indicate a noun if used in the middle of the sentence.
Bob was in the United States today. He is traveling to India tomorrow.

5.Run-on sentences: Run-on sentences are the sentences having two or more independent clauses joined without proper punctuation mark or conjunction.

For example:
It’s really hot today we’re going to the swimming pool today. (Incorrect)
It’s really hot today; we’re going to the swimming pool today. (Correct)

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