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Friday, 24 February 2017

Are essay writing services ethical?

How ethical are essay writing service?

To be or not to be; that is the question. There are always few apprehensions that students have while buying an essay online. With Internet having so much to offer, essay writing services do not step back in terms of providing ethical services to students.

Why do we say something is illegal? It is because we are doing something against law. It becomes illegal if the rules to be followed are broken. While speaking of essay writing services also, there are two sides to it; students buying them are either guilt-ridden or learn something effective out of it. It completely is a perspective. We here share the perspective of how essay which is bought online have an immense impact on students and how they are ethical to buy.

We do not point out to hold on the views but would like to put the limelight on the other side of the story.

It is ethical to buy essays online because

1.They are to be used as references:
According to the policy of essay writing service, the work that they do for students is just for reference. They cannot be and should not be submitted by them as original work.

It becomes the responsibility of students to edit, revise the work and submit them using the reference of the essays they bought online. Hence it is ethical to buy them online.

2.Students take help from professionals:
We learn something every day. From peers, friends, elders, younger ones to us. Learning to write an essay from a professional seems a fair thing too.
The essays bought online are written by professional writers who have proven experience in writing. Hence taking help for improving writing is ethical thereby providing more opportunities to learn.

3.They are against reselling policy:
Essay writing services adhere to the policy of writing unique quality content to an individual student. It is illegal to pass one essay to many students.

Students hold the responsibility of using these services the right way. It is ethical to buy essay online as only original essays are sold, discouraging the act of plagiarism.

4.They are beneficial for non-native speakers:
US and UK universities attract students from all over the world. There are bare chances of all students being proficient in the English language.

Though they will be well versed in the subject, due to good writing skills and less knowledge of the use of English, they might be deceived of good marks.
To help out such students, essay writing services provide a guideline for writing an assignment. These can be used as a reference for the work to be submitted. Therefore it is very much ethical to buy assignment from essay writing service. 

5.They have command over the language:
Only skilled writers with proficiency in the use of language are hired by essay writing services. Therefore for students who face difficulty in writing down what they have learned can seek the help of such writers without any guilt.
It is because of this reason, buying essays online are ethical.

6.Plagiarism free content:
Plagiarism is a serious offense that no university or college accepts; because it is an act of passing off somebody else’s work as their own.
But genuine essay writing service stresses on promoting uniqueness by creating custom paper for students. They take every step to avoid plagiarism which proves that there is no harm in buying essays online owing to ethics.     

7.They are bought paying money:
Essay writing services are also a type of service; they provide quality essays to students. Like buying any other service, it is ethical to pay for the service offered by them.
But what remains critical here is the right use of the service bought; they must be used only as a reference for further work.

With these points explained, it clearly becomes ethical to buy essays online. The perspective here mentioned might not be accepted by all, but it does help students with the problems that they face.

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