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Wednesday, 1 March 2017

How to introduce an essay

What is the perfect way to introduce an essay?

A start for anything must always have an everlasting impression. Similarly, an essay must have a great start. Each essay has three sections to it: Introduction, body, and conclusion.

The very first section that is an introduction part holds an important place in an essay which introduces readers to the topic. An introduction to any topic gives clarity to it thereby enhancing the quality.

Why is introduction important?

Writing an introduction is very much important to start an essay. Following are the reasons why it becomes easy to write a quality essay if the introduction is given the right importance:

1.It presents an essay in such a way that it looks presentable
2.It decides the credibility of an essay carrying forward the content.
3.Generalize the topic to start with, later on passing it as a thesis statement.
4.Keeping readers glued to what is written.
5.Get a grip for holding readers' attention.

After drawing few of the importance of having an introduction, it is now clear that an essay must have a strong inception to build reader’s attention to read on further. We will now focus on building an introduction for the essay. How is it done?  Here are the tips hat are to be followed.

How to introduce an essay?

     1. Introduction confined to introducing:
     The only purpose of writing an introduction to an essay is to gather readership. It must be brief enough to let the readers know what is to be said further.
     Care must be taken not to let the topic disperse off from the subject being discussed. It must be concise enough to give a start but not too lengthy with an excess of information. 

2.Hooking the readers to the content: Two or more hook statements must be added which will engage readers in reading it further. It is a necessary element which adds tone to an essay and help in building a one.

3.It must have a start that leads to other sections: The main aim of writing an introduction part is to brief about the topic being written. The transition from one section to another is very important. Hence transitional sentences called as thesis statement must be included to lead to the other part of an essay. 
4.Must be given a background for the information: The idea of presenting an introduction is to subtly give information about the topic being written. Therefore, background must be provided which will condense the substance into it.

5.Stick to purpose: The purpose of writing an essay is straightforward, to inform readers. This very purpose must hold onto in every section else it loses its meaning and the context.

6.Do not rush to explain the topic: True to its meaning, an introduction must be precise, accurate and to the point. An in-depth explanation of the topic should be concentrated in the next part of the essay. Rushing to explain the topic will only increase complexity. 

7. Focus on scattering diversification onto topic: An introduction must branch out ideas which will help in scattering the topic for further reading. Diversifying the topic and helping the readers understand it better is the real task of writing an introduction section. 
8.Ideal introduction must be impressive at first: First impression is the best impression; hence an ideal essay is one which has an impressive start to it. This can gather more interest to read further. 

Each part of an essay holds an equal amount of significance. This being said, it is more of a responsibility to write a good essay with a good introduction to it. 

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